fredag, oktober 03, 2008

Two Lovely Days =)

Bertil and I have had our dear friends from Gothenburg, Anna and Lennart, here for a short visit, Wednesday afternoon to Friday noon. It has been two intense days with lots of talking and some sightseeing round the peninsula of Bjäre, Bjärehalvön, when the weather allowed it.
When our friends arrived on Wednesday afternoon we ate a whole mountain of shrimps/prawns that they had bought in Gothenburg before they drove down here to Skåne. The Swedish west coast is famous for its good and tasty shellfish. They had also two bottles of nice white wine with them, so we really had a very pleasant afternoon and evening that day ;-).
Yesterday it was raining the whole forenoon so at first we were out shopping in Boarp and then we went for a visit to my sister Mia. She and her husband Kenneth are farmers and they have a big cowstable with about 70 cows.
The cows are milked by a robot, so Anna and Lennart wanted to “explore” this machine and also look at the cows in the stable. It’s really very interesting to see how the cows are walking around in the stable entirely free. When they are hungry they walk to the milking robot, and there they get food meanwhile the robot is milking them. A very smart machine and very, very smart cows =)))
Thank you Mia for showing us :)
In the afternoon we got better weather. The sun was shining so we went down to a place called Burensvik near Torekov. Neither Bertil nor I had been there before, so it was a nice experience for us as well for Anna and Lennart. The nature is so beautiful this time of the year. The grass is so green and the air is clear and a bit cold.
A cow in the milking robot

Mia (my sister), Lennart and Bertil are discussing the cows quality, how much they are milking, how much food they get and also if they have got any calfs or not.

One of the cows in the "itching" machine.

"Oh, how nice this is".

We want to come inside the stable too!!!!
Kusko and little Fiffi
Mäsinge mölla.

Burensvik (near Torekov) and Kullen in the background.

A small harbor (to the left) in Burensvik.

Lennart is a little bit confused. We all were actually, because we couldn't figure out, at first, what this strange building was and what it had been used for. I suggested that it was some kind of shipyard. I'll try to find out if I'm right ;)
Bertil, Lennart and Anna are yet discussing this strange buildings =/

What did they use these...

...buildings for? We couldn't figure it out!!!!

Some sweet heifers (kvigor) out on pasturage (bete).

Brier - Nyponbuske.

Thank you Anna and Lennart for a couple of nice days!


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Judy sa...

The barn is very interesting: the milking machine, the itching machine, etc. Mia and her husband have really embraced the 21st century. It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your friends. The countryside is beautiful.