lördag, september 13, 2008

Satisfied with My Self.

Yesterday I had a cleaning day outside our house in the garden, and today I’ve had a cleaning day inside our house. So now I can feel very satisfied with my self for a while ;-)

Some years ago I had maniac for housework. The vacuum cleaner came out of the broom cupboard almost every day =/
Fortunately I’ve come by that kind of maniac and am cleaning when I feel for it, perhaps every second week and sometimes even less.

It feels very reliving when you are able to change and let such accustomed behaviour blow away and disappear forever. I hadn’t been able to manage that today because of my aching back and Ischia’s that’s reminding me every day.

I think this week has gone by very quickly. First it’s Monday and woops its Saturday again =)
Monday morning we were in Ängelholm. Bertil was getting an MRI examination at the hospital. I hope we will get to know the answer from that sometimes next week. Wednesday we were at the hospital in Lund. It was blood specimen collection before he will get a new round of cytostatic for five days that start on Wednesday.

Yesterday evening we were visiting Anna, Agnes, Tintin and Ronnie for a short while, and here are some pictures from that event.

Agnes with her precious football.

Tintin, always wakeful and lively.

A curious cow...

...and also a curious bull at the backside of their house.
They are very friendly otherwise they hadn't been there =)

Tintin and Agnes's teddy bear are wating for some "pretend food" ;-)

Tintin is eating an apple...

...and teddy bear has fallen to sleep after a long and eventful day :)


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anna sa...

vilka bra bilder (som vanligt) mamma!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Tack Anna!