måndag, maj 19, 2008

"Quiz Walk"

Here comes some pictures from our beautiful morning at Hovshallar. We use to walk out there every other Sunday at a "quiz walk".
It's the local sports association that organiz this quiz.

Here you can see an old stronghold if you enlarge the picture.

In the background you should be able to see Hallans Väderö.

Walk in the crests/bushes.

Difficult questions today!
Göran, Tuttan and Bertil read and try to give the right answer...1 x 2 (?).


2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hi- this is Linda from the U.S. Is this located near Hov? Hov is where my grandfather was born and his family lived there. It looks very beautiful!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Hi Linda!
Nice to hear from you again.
Yes this is near Hov and near where I live.
What was your grandfathers name?
Perhaps my mother or father-in-law know who he was!!!!
Here's my e-mail address:

xo Eva