torsdag, januari 24, 2008

Tupperware Party ;-)

Yesterday evening Anna, Agnes and I were at a Tupperware party. It was a friend to Anna who had invited us and about ten other girlfriends. The Lady who kept the demonstration was from Laholm ;) and she was very informative and fun. Me my self had persuaded my self before I went to this party that I wouldn't by anything, but...there was a very nice cheese dish cover (Chee Smart) and I couldn't resist to purchase that one.

Some of the ladies are discussing something...

...and Agnes was drawing two-headed horses.

We had a very nice and hot evening, because before we all made our entrance the host and hostess had heated up the fireplace. I think that I'm not lying if I say that there was +30°C when we all arrived =) Despite the heat, we had a very nice evening and I think that Agnes enjoyed it too, even though she fell a sleep before we entered back home.


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Judy sa...

I didn't know they still had Tupperware parties! I went to one way back before Kristin was born, and felt like you did: talking myself out of buying anything before I went. Like you, I ended up buying something. Now I just don't go to those kind of things..but they are fun!
Agnes looks so cute!!