lördag, december 22, 2007

I’m back and so is my header! Yippee!!

Well, nearly a week since I blogged the last time. Unfortunately I haven’t had enough time and strength to do so. But now I've pulled my self together and am catching up for the week that has gone ;-)
Last week, 13 December, I had the luck to attend at the cutest Lucia procession ever. Agnes and her small friends at her kindergarten were having a little performance for parents, grandparents and other relatives 7.30 in the morning.
Agnes, soon three years old - 31 December, was reserved and a bit afraid when she was standing there in front of all these people on the stage singing Christmas songs.

After the show we were offered coffee and gingerbread biscuits.

Here's Agnes to the right and her best friend Alva.

The small Brownie's workshop =)


My time has also gone by with a new visit to my optician this Tuesday because I couldn’t see properly with my new glasses. That was “only” the third time!!!! I’m still struggling with them, but am not giving up…yet! =)

A visit to my dentist Thursday morning ended up in an orgy of pain the day after. It will take a lot before I’m whining over pain, but this was an unbearable pain.
I have had a tooth that has troubled me for nearly half a year now and my new dentist saw that the old filling was cracked which the “old” dentist hadn’t seen a month before :-{
Anyhow, the new dentist said that I had to have a crown on that tooth and then it surely would be alright again. It didn’t turn out as he thought. The tooth was still aching…day and night!
I haven’t chewed at the right side of my mouth for the last half-year and that’s very trying in the long run.
Now the only thing to do was to make a root filling through my new crown because he couldn’t take it off once he had put it there.
Here I saw 4 500 sek (about $ 690) fly away! What a pity to destroy a “new” tooth like that! But what choice did I have? The only thing was that the pain got worse the day after as I told you before. What causes the pain is probably an infection that I have had all the time, so now I have to take antibiotic and painkillers three times a day for ten days, and luckily it have helped so far. Hopefully it will stay that way even after this treatment.
Yesterday, Friday, I had my grandchildren, Agnes and Tintin here the whole day ;-)
Anna was helping (working) a girlfriend in her flower shop, Sollidens Blomsterhandel, in Båstad.

"This is how old I'll be on New Years Eve", cute little Agnes says.

" Look at me", the proud little Tintin maybe says.
Five month old on Christmas Eve.
Isn't he just amazing?

Today, Saturday, I’ve been cleaning the house (again) and made some more decorations before Christmas.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll be cooking Christmas food the whole day long so I’ve something to offer on the table when my children and grandchildren comes on Monday afternoon to celebrate Christmas Eve.
My home made meatballs.

So at last…
Merry Christmas to You All!

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Judy sa...

Glad you and your header are back, but so very sorry to hear about your dental problems. I hope the pain and infection are both gone for good now. Haven't you had a bad time of it!
The picture of Agnes in her Lucia costume is so adorable. Kristin was Lucia at our church one year. I'll try to find a pic of her and send it to you.
The grandchildren are already growing up Eva. It is so hard to believe that Agnes will be three so soon!
And Happy Birthday to Maria. Somehow she slipped by me. I need to send her a card!
Merry Christmas to you all!