tisdag, december 11, 2007

Funny how things can change and work out.

I’ve been sick with a cold – AGAIN – but am now much, much better. Actually, today I haven’t sneezed, blown my nose or coughed once.
Last Wednesday evening when I was finished for the day and sat down to take a peek on the TV, my throat suddenly started to ache and the next day I had got my self a “nice cold”.
Well I haven’t been outside the outer door since last week because I wanted to “kill” this cold as fast as I could, and I think it worked =)
I’m not much for lying in bed when I’m sick, so I’ve been very productive and rinsed nearly the whole house from “good to have” things, and also asked my children to pick up the reminder of their things that they have had stored here for the last 10-12 years for Anna and about 3 years for Maria.
It was mostly toys from their own childhood that I’ve saved and stored for them so they can give it to their own kids one day. This “one day” was today. Anna has taken the most since Maria doesn’t have any children yet. So, when that happens she can get the toys from Anna. There was Lego blocks, puzzles, all types of games, small toy cars and so on. I think there were toys, puzzles and games to a value of several thousand SEK.
I still have about 8-10 boxes (not toys) stored for Maria because she doesn’t have that much storage spaces in her apartment. Well, if Anna could have her things stored here for 12 years, then Maria has some years in credit =)
Now I have, at last, some space for my sewing machine and everything that goes along with that like fabrics, sewing and knitting patterns and so on. Perhaps I will find the spirit I had many years ago to sew and create some fun things again. Who knows?
The last four to five years I have spent my most creative time in front of my computer and learned how this most clever and fun gadget works. I just love to do things with this machine! In the beginning I was terrified just to turn it on and it took at least two years before I really got the grip of how the folders and files worked. Silly me!
It was like I pounded my head against a wall and then suddenly – pling – tumbled the token coin down. Maria helped me a lot in the beginning. Lots of credit to her! I sat in front of the computer and Maria sat by my side and told me how to do. I wrote down EVERYTHING in my own words that she told me in a small typing book. What a patience she must have had with me!
It can really be funny to lock back in time sometimes. Then you can see how much life and interest can change in a few years time.


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Judy sa...

You really were productive! I'm glad that you are feeling better, and that you were able to do some weeding out, as we say, while you were taking care of yourself. Now, will you come and clean things out for me please!!! LOL
I'm glad you are going to begin sewing and knitting again. I have such fun with it all....maybe you will get the dyeing bug too!


Maria sa...

I'm glad you actually think that I was to some help to you in your early computer er =) We all know I don't get my patience from you ;-)

Maria sa...

that was supposed to be "computer era" ;-)