fredag, december 28, 2007

Christmas - 2007

Here's a little cavalcade of pictures from our Christmas Holidays.

This Christmas card Agnes has made for Bertil and me. She has glued on, all by her self, nine small pictures depicted her self and Tintin (all the same) on a piece of brown carton.
It's so very cute!

Agnes and Tintin are waiting for the Santa to arrive...

...and here he is!

Santa was very nice and very eager to hand out the gifts that was lying on the floor.

Agnes is a bit afraid of Santa... it's best to sit on Mommies lap.

Santa wanted to have a hug from Agnes, but had to be satisfied with Anna's hand.

Little Tintin looked at Santa with big eyes but hadn't, yet, the sense to be a bit afraid!

"Look what you got in your Christmas gift Tintin", Agnes says.

Bertil has got a nice warm sweatshirt from his cousin Judy and her family in Gainesville, Georgia.
“Look, here’s pockets in front and a hood”, he says.

Maria, always calm and always good looking on pictures...Don't you think so too?
She's so photogenic (don't know if I've spelled this word right), in Swedish, fotogenisk.

Anna, also calm (most of the time anyhow) is opening a gift from her grandmother.

Maria's gift to me. Four DVD's with one of my favourites, the Australian series, “Against The Wind” from sometimes in the seventies...

...and this is Anna's gift to me. A neckless with the inscription HAPPINESS.

This is a very beautiful and hand made bag from my dear, dear friend Judy.
Thanks a million times!

Last but not least! This lovely little picture and frame we got from Agnes. She has painted the frame and made what's inside/behind the glass. Sugerplum!!! - Sockerpulla!!!

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Judy sa...

What a sweet Christmas you all had! That poor Santa must have been dieting all year long to be so slim...I hope he is well and has not been sick.
Agnes is already such an artist. It is obvious that Anna is letting her do her own art, which is so great!!!
You all are so photogenic: a lovely family!