lördag, september 15, 2007

Cleaning and Moving

(The picture is taken from the Internet).

Yesterday I was at my Mom's place nearly the whole day. I helped her to clean her computer both inside and outside. Her computer is a bit old and doesn't have that much capacity so it has made "tricks" lately with her.

I also moved the computer tower up on her writing desk. She have had it standing under the desk on the floor, and both the tower and all the cables gathered a lot of dust down there.
It was the antivirus program that made difficulties. It was old and out of order, so we looked up an other "fresh virus killer program" and installed that. We choosed a free program called AVAST, hope that will be ok. You could get it in Swedish, so that was a plus I think.

The day before yesterday she also had to buy a new ADSL modem, because the old had been stroked by the lightning. Well, after a whole day of cleaning and fixing I had to see if everything was running properly. Everything was alright except for the printer! It didn't matter what I did, it just didn't wanted to make any print-outs. I tried all ways I could think of. Checked all settings, change USB socket, but nothing helped =(
The machine just chewed on and there came out blank papers!!! I had to give up. Perhaps the printer was tired of me =)))))))))
I've to take a hold on it some other day and hope that it will be solved.

I have to metion that my Mom is 81 years old and I think it's very fun and nice that she is using a computer at all at that age. Don't you think that too?

My mother, Marie-Louise Öjesten.

The picture was taken at her birthday this year, the 21st May.


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Judy sa...

You mother is so amazing!! And her daughter Eva is too!!!! LOL I think it's great that you spend so much time with her and can be such a help to her!! Please give her a hug for me!


Marie-Anne Condé sa...

What a nice photo of my auntie, Marie-Louise! Yes, she is a real fighter, and a clever one, who can handle this new technique on her computer! It must be something in the family... you know, her brother Jean, my father, occupies himself very often with his portable Dell computer at home. And he will soon be 87...! :-)

Best wishes from your cousin in Stockholm