fredag, augusti 03, 2007

Hospital for a day!

Agnes and Tintin, 2 August.

The 1st of August, Bertil and I woke up with a jerk, because the phone rang loud and clear about 7.30 em. It was Anna, and she was very upset because Agnes had become very sick during the night.
When Agnes woke up she had vomiting a lot after she had drunk a lot of water. Usually she drinks gruel in the morning but this morning she just wanted water.
Anna and Ronnie had noticed that she had become more and more pale and tired for every day during the last week and she wasn’t the same glad and lively little girl she used to be, but they thought it could depend on that she had become a big sister and that she perhaps had a hard time to realize and “take all that in”.
Anyhow, Anna asked me if I could go with Ronnie and Agnes in the car to the emergency ward in Helsingborg because she had to stay home with little newborn Tintin. Of cores I did that.
I just throw my clothes on in a hurry and went off to their place. Poor little Agnes she was so pale and apathetic. She throws up once more in the car but it wasn’t that much this time.
When we came to the hospital in Helsingborg we were very well taken care of at the emergency ward.
They took all kind of tests, but they couldn’t find anything that was wrong. Everything seemed to be al right but they wanted her to stay over the day for observation and they also gave her nourishment through intravenous drip because she was dried out.
I didn’t stay all day, just until noon then I took Anna and Ronnie’s car back home and in the evening Bertil went down and picked them up again.
She became a little bit more alert during the day but she was far from well.
I was on a short visit this afternoon and back then she had become a little bit more like her self again.
They couldn’t find out what was wrong with “our” little Agnes at the hospital as all the tests were ok, so perhaps it really was a reaction of the birth of her baby brother. All the excitement over the birth and everything around that was perhaps too much for her. She’s a sensible little person, and this was perhaps too much to understand for such a small person anyhow.

The strange thing in all this is that she was sick with the same symptoms last year about the same time too. The doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong with her back then either. They thought that it perhaps could have been some kind of gastric catarrh back then.
Hopefully she won’t experience this state of illness again.

Lots of hugs from me to little Agnes!!


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Judy sa...

Hope Agnes is better! HOw mysterious that is!


Anna sa...

You're the best parents and grandparents in the whole world!!