fredag, juli 13, 2007

Nothing planed...

Today I have a day with nothing special to do for the day. Feels a bit strange I can say. Yesterday I was looking out for Maria’s cats, Vincent and Embla, while she was in Stockholm on a concert with Metallica.
In between that, I fixed my mothers hair and had a nice chat with her for a couple of hours. Helped her with some payments at the Internet bank and also surfing around looking at both mine and Judy’s blog.
We also tried to find an overview map over the tennis center court in Båstad but that was quite a challenge. We didn’t find any!
My Mom is going to attend all the final tennis matches in Swedish Open in Båstad the whole weekend.
Well, after some looking I suddenly found out that there was a description at the envelope where she kept her tickets.
“The first you get blind on is your eyes”! Mom hadn’t seen it either =)
Luckily the rain has stopped so my mother will hopefully get a nice and fulfilled weekend.
Now I have to get my self together and do some domestic work. Think I will start to make my bed and then I'm going to…

Vincent & Embla

My Dear Mom.

Sorry Mom for posting this picture.
I know you not will like it, but I just had too.
Have a nice weekend!

5 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

You are such a good daughter...and such a good mother....and such a great and fun grandmother! You wear so many hats...and you wear them so well!


Maria sa...

Thanx again mum for helping me last Thursday!! =) Meow from the cats as well!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you, both Maria and Judy ;)

Anna sa...

I agree with Judy completely.
You're the best!

eva sa...

Thank you Anna;-)