onsdag, juli 11, 2007

Long Missing Package!

A couple of days ago we got a long missing (birthday) package from our dear friends and “cousins”, Judy and Craig. The package should have arrived for about one and a half month ago, but something must have happened on its way over here. It was worth waiting for as you can see here beneath.
I’m so glad that the package arrived at last and not disappeared some place between here and there! Would have been sad on such nice gifts, don’t you think?

Anna and I got each one of Judy’s hand made cell phone bags, just so lovely and well made. Bertil got a cool T-shirt with Judy and Craig’s favourite Football team’s logotype printed on it ;-)

Thank you so very, very much Judy and Craig!

Look at the envelope, isn't it just so cute?

This is my little cell phone bag. It has tiny glass beads on it...

...and here's Anna's with a flower made of fabric at the front.

This will look cool on Bertil!
Thanks again!!!

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