lördag, juli 21, 2007

How Fun...

How fun it is to buy things for kids these days, especially to my grandchild Agnes. I can't remember that I felt the same when my own children were small. Perhaps that's because back then I couldn't afford to buy what ever I wanted either to them or me.
I had to think twice before I bought something so I didn't overdraw my account. Today when I'm middle-aged my finances are a lot better, but I think that that is the case for most people (at this age).
When you are young you want and need so much. You have to turn the coins around so there will be enough for everyday things. Today I have what I need and if I see something special that I would like to have, I often don't buy it because I can't allow my self to do so. I get bad conscience for spending money! Isn't that strange?

Last Thursday I went to a shopping center a couple of (Swedish) miles away. I use to buy most of the things I need there and I use to go there about once a week.
They have a department with lots of cloths for kids and I can never resist taking a sweep round there even if I don’t buy something. But this week I found a pair of “Whinnie the Pooh” shoes for Agnes that I of course couldn’t resist ;-)
I didn’t have any second thoughts or bad conscience at all when I bought them. Just felt that they would be so sweet on her cute little feet.

So…yesterday I went to a small shopping center just nearby. There are a lot of summer visitors there during the summertime and I just felt that today I will be “one of them”. Said and done, I went up there and entered in to one of the most expensive stores, “Design House Stockholm”. I looked around for a while and thought that everything was too expensive for me, but as I attend to leave the store my eyes got stuck on some colorful bags. They were very expensive, at least in my opinion, (400 sek) but I just had to have one. So I bought it!
As soon as I came out of the store that stupid conscience turned up again, but this time I actually just shook it off me and went on to the next store.
Felt very satisfied with my self there for a second =))))

Agnes's new shoes!
Here Agnes is watching a children’s DVD with the titel, "Emma och Lillebror" - "Emma and her little brother". The story is about when Emma is fixing things that has gone broken. She's using a hammer and Lillebror got hold on the hammer. He hit himself on his little index finger so it gets all red and swollen. He cries a bit, but when Emma blows on his finger everything gets well again.
Agnes feels so sorry for Lillebror and she looks so sad. But even though she get so touched by it, she wants to see it over and over again.

What a cute little "gubbe"Agnes has drawn!


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Anna sa...

You ought to buy and/or give yourself more of the things and experiences that you would like to have. A visit at the "fot lady" is one of those things you most certainly must learn to allow yourself without feeling bad about it. (I know you're seeing her next week for ex.) It's an "everyday luxury" that you can afford without any doubt. It's just like you say yourself, you've got some training to do before the bad consience has dissapeared completely. Thanks for everything you allways do for us!!!
Love you xo

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Love you too!
I hope that that Little man will come out soon so we can see what he looks like =))))

Judy sa...

I love your bag, Eva!! The colors and styling are both so trendy.
I get those guilt feelings too. Yesterday I bought two dresses for myself. The buying part was lots of fun, but as soon as it was over, I felt guilty for having done it. Why are we so ugly to ourselves? I hope we have brought up our children to be better to themselves.