tisdag, juli 24, 2007

Here he is at last!

Anna and Ronnie got their second child today, 24th of July 2007. He's such a big boy!
His weight is 4635 gram and he is 54 cm!!!
The more I look at the picture (from Internet) the more I think he looks a lot like Agnes did when she was new born.


Agnes got this baby doll from Bertil and me today. He or she talks when you puch on the fingers, feets or stomach and when you put a feeding bottle in its mouth he/she sucks, burp and snors.

Agnes has stayed with Bertil and me for two days now and she's a very easy child to take care of even though she's very active all the time.

Anna and Ronnie to your little boy!


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Judy sa...

Congratulations to you all! I know this must be a very exciting time for you. (I think that Tintin is much cuter than Agnes' new baby, but don't tell her that!) You were so wise to get the babydoll for Agnes. She looks like she is enjoying it.


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Yes, she really enjoyed the doll. She was playing with it all that day, but that was perhaps just the charm of novelty.
Don't know what she's doing with the doll at home. Hopefully her babybrother is more interesting right now.


Anna sa...

Agnes' is such a great sister to her baby brother and shows a lot of positive interest in him :-) She's also a great mom to her new babydoll which she's taking very good care of -every day!
Today "she" went with us to the hospital, when Tintin was on his first "check up" since we went home. He got an OK stamp on his diaperback by the way :-)
THANK YOU mom and dad for always being there for us!!!
Love you

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you for being there your self.
Love you too!