söndag, juni 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Vincent and Welcome Embla!

This last Wednesday, June 13, Vincent had his first birthday and last Saturday, June 9, Maria bought and picked up little Embla. She's 13 weeks old (if I remember right) and a real little beauty.
Vincent is a very careful and reserved cat, so when he got this new little friend and playmate he was a bit scared at first. But today when Agnes, Anna and I came to visit him to celebtate his birthday he played with her and they looked very friendly to each other most of the time =)

Here's Vincent's Birthday cake.
It tasted very good I can tell you.
Maria had made it especially for Vincent.

This is little Embla. Cute, isn't she...?

With a cardboard box you can have a lot of fun.
You can sit on it and you can crawl into it.
So Happy Birthday Vincent
and welcome Embla!


3 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Tack för att du/ni kom =) Och tack för presenten ;-)

Judy sa...

So cute!!!
I thought at first that the cake must have been made of fish, so that Vincent and Embla could enjoy it, but then I spied the strawberries...so the cake was for Vincent's Mom and Grandmother instead!!
Is there a translation for Embla? I have never heard that name before.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

You can read about Embla at the Wikipedia =)