tisdag, maj 22, 2007

Seven things...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 I got tagged by Judy to write seven
things about my self that you perhaps didn’t knew about me.
So here it comes, AT LAST!! **************************************************************
1. I was born in 1951 as number four of six children.

My birth announcement.
2. I’m the only one of my siblings that has blue eyes.

From left: Christian, Margareta, Anders,
Eva, Kerstin and Marie.
24th November, 1963.

3. I’m born and grow up in Stockholm, but spent every summer
holiday in Båstad – Kattvik from I was two years old in 1953.
I moved here for good in 1967.
I never liked the “Big City”.

4. My last school summer holiday, 1966, I met my
future husband, Bertil. I was only 15 and he 19!

Me and Bertil, the summer 1966.

5. Bertil and I got engaged at New Years Eve, 1967 (16 and 20
years old). My parents got very angry at me (?), and Bertil’s
parents thought that I was pregnant! My parents anger cold off
as time went by and Bertil’s parents had to wait until 17th
April, 1975 before they became grandparents. Eight years! ;-)
We got married 17th February, 1973.

New Years Eve, 1967.

6. I have lived in the same house and place since April, 1972.
(We built the house our selves).

April, 1972.

April, 2007.

7. I have a mania to write small notes all the time.
I’m so afraid that I will forget what I have to remember!

Well, this was perhaps nothing unique,
but it was seven things about me;-)

Have a nice day, where ever you are!

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Judy sa...

I enjoyed that very much...especially your photographs! The only sibling with blue eyes! That sort of blows the old idea that all Swedes have blond hair and blue eyes, doesn't it?!!