onsdag, maj 16, 2007

My Birthday!

Last Saturday, 12th May, I celebrated my birthday with my whole family at Skånes Djurpark, The Zoo of Nordic Animals.
We had a nice day together and saw a lot of tame and “wild” animals.
Here’s some pictures that Maria and I took.
Saturday 12, 2007

Klicka gärna på bilderna så blir de större!
To enlarge, click at the pictures!
Mapp - Karta.

A little picnic before we entered the animal park.
En liten picknick innan vi gick in på djurparken.

Look, here's a cute little rabbit!
Titta, här är söta små kaniner!

Agnes and grandpa Bertil.
Agnes och morfar Bertil.

Agnes on a rocking horse.
Agnes på en gunghäst.

Agnes and "baby sheep".
Agnes och små lamm.

Gute sheep and her lamb - Gutefår.

Linderöd pig - Linderödsgris.

A lazy Grey seal - En lat gråsäl.

A lonely little Red Fox.
En ensam liten röd räv.

A wolf pack! - En vargflock!

Two Big Bears! - Två stora björnar!

A reserved Lynx - Ett skyggt lodjur.

A Wild Boar and her kids.
Ett vildsvin och hennes kultingar.

An Elk eating leaves.
En älg som mumsar på färska löv.

An Elk bull - En älgtjur

Two small Elk calfs. They were born the 5th of May.
Två små älgkalvar som var födda den 5:e maj.

One of the Elk calfs is licking on Anna's hand.
En av älgkalvarna slickar på Annas hand.

Roe Deers - Rådjur.

Fallow Deer - Dovhjort.

Red Deer - Kronhjort.

A little new born Red Deer kid.
En liten nyfödd kronhjortskid.
European Bison, Visent.

Rein Deer - Renar.

Anna, Eva, Agnes and Bertil.

A nice little house and the Swedish flag.
Ett gulligt litet hus och vår fina svenska flagga.

Warning! Look out for ducks!
Varning! Se upp för ankor!
Duck crossing the street/way!
Anka som korsar vägen!
A sunny day to remember!

6 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

yes, the bears are sooo huge! =)

Anna sa...

Thank you for a sunny day at a great place! Agnes is still talking alot about the Grey Seal that was laying on a rock "waving" at her :-)

Jonna sa...

Vad trevligt ni verkar ha haft det. Hur sjutton gör man för få in så många bilder? Jag verkar ha en begränsning på 5 bilder.

Kram Jonna

Judy sa...

Lovely pictures!
You got all of them to enlarge...seems you've figured out Blogger's secret. Now, will you share it with me please? And also, how did you ever convince Blooger to allow you to post so very many beauttiful pics???
Has your package arrived yet? I am getting worried about it!

eva sa...

I'm glad you liked my pictures!
I'm so sorry but I can't give you any answers on your questions.
I do as I use to do, pick them up from my hard disk, one by one backwards so I get them in the order that I want to have them on my blog.
This time I made the pics half as big as they use to be. Otherwise I didn't do anything else. I actually don't know why I can have so many pics, why they enlarge and why Blogger allow me to post so many!!!!????
Pure luck I guess, or perhaps they just LOVE my pics =)))))))

Sorry but your package hasn't arrived yet!
I posted your spring/birthday package this Tuesday, the 15th. Perhaps yours and mine arrives at the same time.

Anonym sa...

what you have labeled as elk... are moose. Totally different species. What you have labeled as 'red deer' are actually elk... though I have seen elk sometimes referred to as north American red deer. And yes, I do know what I am talking about. I have been raising tame elk (pets) since I was a small child. Not many people have to pick elk hair off their coat before work... but I do. LOL