söndag, maj 27, 2007

How the name Hagbjärn arose.

At request from my dear friend Judy.

My parents-in-law lived in a little village with the name Segeltorp. Back then, 50 years ago, the addresses weren’t as detailed as they are today and most of the mail was addressed to the man in the house.
My father-in-law’s name is Sune and his family had the surname Paulsson and that was also the name of a close neighbour. The consequence of that was that they got each others mail. So, “our” Sune decided to change his family’s last name to Hagbjärn.

“Hag” comes from the little place Haga (just above the more known Kattvik-Båstad), and “bjärn” comes from the name of Sune’s place of birth, Hagabjär, his parent’s farm which was placed in Haga!

Pictures from Internet:
This picture is taken precisely after the farm "Hagabjär". The road leads down to Kattvik. Judy, the farm you can see at the picture is your grandmother's place of birth.

Bjärehalvön from above =)

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Judy sa...

Thank you for telling the story again. I think when it was first told to me, I was so overwhelmed with my beautiful Swedish surroundings that I just couldn't take everything in!! Didn't the Swedish government also encourage Swedes with such prevalent last names as Paulsson, Peterson, Anderson, Johnson, etc. to change their names? I thought I remembered that as well.
Thank you for noticing my new header. I still can't get one to go all the way across the top of the page! Darn!!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

I don't think that the Swedish government encourage anyone to change their names, but I don't know for sure. Perhaps you're right. What I know is that you have to ask for permission to change your name and that it's not for free. Back then you had to pay 20 sek, about $3, and that was a lot of money 50 years ago.

Did you see your grandmother's home?