onsdag, februari 21, 2007

One Year!

Today, the 21st of February at 3 pm, it’s one year since my Dad past away, but it feels like yesterday. We all miss him very much.
He had a very interesting life as a motor journalist and travelled round the world many, many times.
Me, my mother and my siblings would go to the Memorial Grove at the cemetery today and light some candles, but the weather here today is very bad. It’s very windy and it’s also snowing, so we decided to stay at home.
The forecast have sent out warnings and its class 2 on a scale from 1-3, so you better stay indoors today! Otherwise we have been spared from this kind of weather the last two-three weeks.
The whole Öjesten family sometimes in the late 80's,
(don't know the exact date).
Margareta, Eva, Christian, Anders, Kerstin
Dabb, Lennart, Marie-Louise and Marie.

The view from my window today!!
Hope you have nicer weather whereever you are!

3 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Yes, morfar is missed

Anna sa...

Yes, I miss morfar too. Strange that one year already has passed...

Judy sa...

Has one year really flown by so quickly? I really enjoyed meeting and talking with your Dad. He was quite something!!
Don't know how I missed your post that day! BRRR, it looked cold from your picture.
Loved the photo of you with your family. There you look like Anna!
Warm hugs to you.