måndag, januari 22, 2007

The Winter Came Today!

So it couldn’t stay away, the snow I mean! Well, well I just have to accept it. Otherwise I could have been without the snow and cold.
We have had about -2,5° C (27.5 F) here today, and from the picture you can see that it was snowing a lot this morning.
I was out all afternoon and shoveled snow from our front yard so we can drive in and out with our cars. So now my back is aching as h…! No more snow for a while, please! Tomorrow I need to come out from my garage easy and convenient, because I’m going to pick Maria up at Båstad’s train station at 10.30 am. She’s coming home from her long vacation in New Zealand :-) =) :-D
Will be nice to see her again. I’ve missed her.

Have a nice day/evening!

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