tisdag, januari 23, 2007


This is how the weather looked like here today! The first picture showes the entrace of Båstad. I drowe down to Maria this afternoon at about 13.30 pm because I had forgotten to give her her Laptop that I had “stored” when she was in New Zealand. I just delivered the Laptop, jumpt into my car and then you can see at the second picture (which is taken at about the same spot but in the other direction) how the weather had changed in just 10 minutes. When I came home the whole front yard was snowed in! I couldn’t drive my car into the garage! First I’d to shovel tonnes of snow. AGAIN!!!
At the third picture you can see that the snow not is coming straight down but horizontal. Just soooo typical here! Tomorrow I think I'll stay inside and in bed if the weather is the same :-/

I hope you all have better weather where ever you are!

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Maria sa...


Jonna bloggar sa...

Känner igen det där. Var likadant i Götet häromdagen.

Har du med dig kameran i fickan jämt? :-))

Eva sa...

Hej Jonna ;-)
Ja jag har faktiskt nästan alltid kameran med mig, men inte i fickan utan i min handväska =)