söndag, januari 07, 2007

Gott Nytt År!

Happy New Year everybody!
I hope your Holidays have been joyful. I have had a very nice and calm Christmas and New Year together with my closest family, except for our dear Maria. She’s on a great journey to New Zealand. She left the 30th of December, so she missed Agnes second birthday on New Years Eve, but I’m sure she will celebrate her when she’s coming back.

Maria and Vincent.
Agnes, 2 years old on New Years Eve ;-)

Within the nearest days Maria is going to meat up with her cousin Elisabet, who has been in New Zealand since the end of September. She’s working at a big farm where they breed sheep. She‘s got a lot of new friends and what I can understand, she’s not having a boring moment. That’s a girl who knows how to have an interesting and fun life.

Kir, Elisabet and Kusko.

Maria’s little kitten Vincent is living with Anna, Agnes and Ronnie while she’s away, and what I have seen, he’s very satisfied with that.
The winter here seems to have gone somewhere else this season. They have a ski slope http://www.vallasen.se/ not far from here and it’s partly artificial. They make snow with big snow canons, but to do that you have to have temperatures below zero, and it hasn’t been that yet this winter.
I think they have to bet on a water slide instead. I don’t think that I ever have experienced a more rainy winter than this. It’s almost raining every day. I think we can count the sunny days on our two hands.

Have a nice day!


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Judy sa...

Hej Eva,
Happy New Year to you all in Skane too.
It is raining "cats and dogs" as we say here in the States today. Yesterday was very warm and mostly sunny. I worked out in my dyeing studio with the doors open...a delight for January.
Vincent looks a lot like Kristin and Dave's Harvey. I'll have to have her take a look and see if she agrees with me.
I had a nice newsly email from Maria with notes on all of her travels thus far. It sounds like she is having a delightful time. How long was her flight to NZ? I would love to go both there and Australia in my lifetime, how 'bout you? Want to go with me?
Love to all,
p.s. very special 2nd birthday hugs and kisses to Agnes

Maria sa...

Well, already half of our journey is "gone" and I'll be home again before you know it! And yes, Agnes will get lots of stuff from NZ when I get back home =)