torsdag, december 21, 2006

Maria, 25 today! Happy Birthday!

A sweet six year old little girl!
MariaHere we are, you and me, 24 years ago!
July 16th, 1982.

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Judy sa...

Happy Birthday Dear Maria!!!
I cannot believe you are 25!!!

Maria sa...

me either! =)

Maria sa...

and thanx for the b-day wishes! =) And thanx for the soap Judy, it smells lovley!

Tack igen för presenterna mamma! Och pappa ;-)

Eva sa...

Varsågod, hoppas du får nytta av dem.
Kram Mamma

Your welcome!
Hugs, Mom

Anna sa...

I've been meening to comment this earlier, but, better late than never...
You look so pretty both of you, Mom and Maria. It feels like yesterday sometimes, that we were that small (seven years old) and the proudest big sister and brother you could ever see :-)Thank you for "bringing us" our babysister!