söndag, december 17, 2006

Home again!

Back were he belongs ;-)
(You'll understand if you look at the blog from yesterday futher down).
24th of February, 2006.
At this picture Bertil has an aching wrist. He has a warm "wheat-pillow" round it.
Well, now Bertil is back home again. I picked him up just after noon today. He’s a bit sore and also a bit whining, but that I had expected.

We have to be glad that the men don’t get birth to little babies, because then the humanity would have disappeared from the surface of the earth long ago ;-)

Anyhow, after a nice shower, clean cloths and food in his stomach, he probably will be the former Bertil again. Lying on the sofa, watching what’s up on TV this Sunday afternoon in question of sports, news and other (in my opinion) boring program. After a hard weekend like this I wish him peace and quiet. There will be no more work before Christmas for his part, so I will probably regret what I just wrote about peace and quiet ;-)

Have a nice Sunday evening!

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