tisdag, juni 13, 2006

A Lovely Summer evening with the most beautiful sunset.

HOVS HALLAR - 12th of June, 2006.
This was yesterday evening at 9.30 pm. We were invited to have dinner at
"Värdshus Hovs Hallar" by dear friends from Gothenburg. They were visiting us over the weekend. After dinner we walked up to the highest point in Hovs Hallar, Skåne, Sweden. And this is the view from that point. The water is Laholmsbukten and in the horizan you can see (in clear weather) Halmstad, which is placed in the county Halland, Sweden.
The sea is smooth as a millpond and if the sun for real went DOWN in the sea, you almost could have heared it "fry" in the water ;-)
Bertil is looking at the sunset.

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