söndag, maj 21, 2006

One day in Denmark

Sorry but Blogger are playing me a trick. You will discover that when you are clicking at the pictures. I refuse to change all my work, but I'm not pleased :-(((

May the 19th, 2006.
Elisabet and Maria at Ängelholm's railwaystation, waiting for the train to Kopenhagen.
Marie and Eva at the same place.
Hard Rock Café, were we had to wait three quarters of an hour for our dinner :-((
(bad service)

Coffee break at a small café placed at Rådhustorvet, the City hall square.
Marie has bought her self a T-shirt that she's going to wear next week when she and her whole family is going to Stockholm and celebrate her husband Kenneth's 50th birthday.
Maria and I had a good laugh.
Here's a "Hestetaxa", a hors taxi.
A beautiful garden by the side of the concert hall, FORUM were we saw the Celtic Tiger show.

Gorgeous apple blossom.

The clock is now 18.15 and this is our head destination for the day.
Forum, Kopenhagen.

One and a half hour until the show begin. Pew, we are tired and our feets are aching after a whole day of shopping and walking, but I think that we are looking happy anyhow ;-) Kopenhagen's "huvudbangård", central railwaystation. The show is over and we are waiting for our train home. the time is here about 22.30 and the train is going about 22.45. We are not in Ängelholm until 00.55 and then there's even more than half an hour by car before we are at home and in bed. Bertil drove us both ways. We started from Ängelholm because Elisabet lives there. We had a great day, but home sweet home. I'm glad that I'm living in a small place. I don't think that I had managed to live in a big city like Kopenhagen. One day is fun, but enough.

Thank you Maria, Marie and Elisabet for a rewarding day!
And yes Maria let's do it again some day!

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Anna sa...

It certanly sounds like you all had yourselvs a hair-raising experience :-)
Next time I'll join you for sure!!!