fredag, maj 12, 2006


12 May, 2006.
Cherry - Körsbär

Cherry - Körsbär

Pansy (Thank you Judy) Pensé

Dandelion - Maskros

The Lilly of the Valley has come this far.
No flowers, only the leaves.
Liljekonvalj - Inga blommor än, bara blad.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Happy birthday mom!!!
Thank you for being the best mom & grandma in the world :-)
love from Anna with family

Judy sa...

Happy Birthday Eva! May you enjoy many, many more!
Your pense is called pansy in English...just about the same.

Eva sa...

Hi Judy!
Thank you for your birthday gifts. We enjoyed them all! I assume that the "moose-candelboxes" are made of recycled cans, or...? At first we didn't know what we should use the green rubber can for. But yesterday we got a demonstration when my relatives were here to celebrate my birthday. My ten year younger sister Kerstin knew how to use it ;-)

Eva sa...

Thank you Anna for your birthday greeting. You, Agnes and Maria are the best in my life :-):-)