måndag, april 10, 2006


Snowdrops, 5th of April.

Couldn't resist this!
24th of March.
AGNES, 15 month.
Hi there! I'm still here ;-)
At last I think the winter has lost its grip here in the south of Sweden. It's still rather cold but not degrees below zero. Hopfully it will stay like that now and become warmer for every day.

I haven't had my little Agnes here for some days now because she and her parents are at Gran Canaria this week. It feels very "empty" not be able to see her whenever I want to :-/

Well, a week goes quickly (hopfully) so whoops, she's here again!

This week all schools are closed for the Easter Holiday, so my classes in Digital picture is off, so I have to "entertain" my self in that case too. Perhaps I will go out and try to find some spring signs to photograph.
Last Wednesday I went out at about 7.00 am before I went to my classes and took the picture of the Snowdrops.

Well this is all for now. See you an other day! Bye!

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Judy sa...

Oh Eva, I just love that photo of Agnes!!! She is such a cute little thing, and I can well imagine how you must miss her when she is away.
I'm glad that your weather is improving. It has been lovely here for the past few days - quite cool in the mornings but then warming in the mid to late afternoon. Perfect weather for gardening, but then I've been doing a good bit of quilting and dyeing lately. That figures...I'll wait until it gets miserably hot to go out and garden! LOL
Your snowdrop photo is lovely too....I just love snowdrops! Our Lily of the Valley are now blooming...I'm sure you must have those. Augusta had hundreds of them in her garden when I was growing up, so they always remind me of her.