måndag, april 17, 2006


Maria, 24 (born 21st of Dec)
This picture was taken the 26th of March, 2006.

Me and Maria, 16th of July, 1982.

Maria, December 1982.

Me, Peter and Anna, 20th of July, 1975.

Peter, Bertil, me and Anna.

Peter and Anna, 15th of November, 1975.


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Judy sa...

Love the pictures....Maria's hair has changed so much. I like it a lot!!!
I think that Agnes may look a bit like her aunty Maria, when she was a baby. What do you think?
The picture of you, Bertil, Peter and Anna is precious!!!!
I wish we had "found" you all in Sweden sooner, then perhaps we would have gotten to know Peter. He was such a handsome young man.

Eva sa...

Yes I agree with you that Agnes look like Maria as a baby, not only a bit but a LOT! That I have thought since Agnes was born. It has been terrifying sometimes. The color of there eyes are different.
Otherwise there's not much that's unlike. In the same time she's very much alike Ronnie.
When Maria learned to walk, and long after that she always walked on her toes and Agnes is doing that a lot to. Many of Agnes gestures are also the same as Maria's was. I have put another old photo of my children at my blog today, just so you can see one of this gestures ;-)

Regarding if Peter was looking alike my father I'm not so sure I will agree with you. Perhaps I'm not able to see that, but yes he was good looking and he had had a couple of girl friends as far as I know. Perhaps there had been many more ;-)
Of course we miss him a lot. Especially when it's his and Anna's birthday, that's when you will be reminded the most.

Maria sa...

Love you too mamma!!

Anna sa...

I love you too "too" mamma!
Yes, we all miss Peter -so incredibly much sometimes!
I sometimes wonder what he would be doing right now if he'd still been here with us...
I tell Agnes she's got one aunt and one unkle. I like to think that he's still around in some way. And I know, he's for sure, forever in our hearts!