söndag, april 16, 2006



Här är du ca en timme gammal. Klockan är ca 7.10 på morgonen den 17 april 1975. Du vägde 2600 gram och var 47 cm lång. Du var så pytteliten!
Here you are about one hour. The clock is about 7.10 in the morning the 17th of April, 1975. Your weight was 2600 gram and your length was 47 cm. You were so tiny!
(It's a very unsharp picture, but the only one I have from that moment. Your dad wasn't and isn't any good photographer).

Det här kortet är taget den 22 mars 2006.

This picture was taken the 22nd of March, 2006.
(A much better photographer this time).

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Anna sa...

Hej mamma!
Tack för gratulationerna :-)
Tänk vad man kan hitta mycket bland gamla negativ (Anders och Christian, Carpenter's besök...) vilken tur att kameran blev uppfunnen!
Kram kram, Anna

Judy sa...

Happy Birthday to Anna from all of her family here in the States too!
I have a package ready to be mailed to you all, but it won't make it to the post office until tomorrow because today is our income tax day (normally the 15th, but that was Saturday so it is today) and the post office will be a zoo!
Please translate Anna's comment...I figured out the Hej Mamma, but the rest is beyone me...oh, I got the thank you bit too!

Eva sa...

Hi Judy!
This is what Anna wrote to me:

Hi mom!
Thank you for the congratulations :-)
Think how much one can find among old negative (Anders, Christian, Carpenter's visit...) what luck that the camera became invented!
Hug, hug Anna